Radio Silence

I’ve let this space lapse, even as I’ve continued to add to my list of things I’d love to share and discuss.  I still have plans for developing content and tools to support teachers.  And I have new plans too, plans that spring from the new adventures on my horizon.

In the almost three years since my last post, I’ve been enjoying the fleeting early childhood years of my three children.  Occasionally consulting, squeezing in professional reading when I can, and just generally getting caught up in the beauty of the mundane.

My oldest turns six soon and he’ll begin kindergarten this year.  After months of research, talking with people, touring schools, discussion and thought, my husband and I have decided to homeschool him.  If this comes as a shock to all who know me, believe me, I’m still a little incredulous myself.  I’m also deeply at peace and excited for the opportunities this will open up for learning and growth.

While I have no intention of making this a homeschool blog, I do want to share my thoughts and ideas as they relate to where I’m at professionally.  This will mean that some future posts will be primarily relevant to homeschool parents.  Ultimately, however, I believe that sound educational practices work in any setting.  I hope to open discussions about education for both those who educate at home and those who educate in a school.

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