I am a former public school educator who inexplicably found my way into a doctoral program at the Curry School of Education, University of Virginia.  While exploring my passions and interests as a graduate student, I was given the incredible opportunity to work with some of the – in my opinion – most inspiring and estimable educators.  As a result of my years as a teacher, graduate student experiences, and work as an educational consultant, I’ve become convinced of the following:

  • Teaching and supporting teachers, while quite challenging and time-consuming (and never finished), is also extremely rewarding, meaningful and enjoyable work (that is never finished).
  • There are some incredibly valuable resources available for educators and leaders; and I love hearing and reading about, seeing, using and recommending them to others.
  • There’s no shame in getting inordinately excited about well-designed curriculum and intentionally-implemented instructional strategies.
  • Assessment is our friend.  The kind of friend who gives you large piles of money to spend on your classroom and doesn’t make you pay it back.
  • The right classroom environment is crucial in supporting the kind of student learning and growth teachers dream about.
  • Teachers, although often not treated as such, are trained educators with significant and invaluable insights into education.  There is no replacement for these individuals or their professional insights.  They ought not to be treated as subordinate to leaders, but as co-leaders who – together with administrators – create strong educational practices within a school community and system.

It has been my experience that growing professionally is, more often than not, messy and time-consuming.  Every mistake, failure, less-than-satisfactory outcome can be tossed in our “compost piles” to ultimately yield rich material for growth.  My hope is that this blog will be a means to support that process.  I started this blog as a way to connect with educators and educational leaders who are passionate about growing professionally and connecting with like-minded colleagues.

I welcome collaboration!  Please feel free to email me with questions, ideas, or requests.  You can reach me at: jkdimeo@gmail.com.

Jennifer Dimeo

PS: I’m on a learning curve here.  My blogging skills are newer than the newest newborn.  Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

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